Dog Walking & Pet Sitting is WHAT WE DO, helping you to continue to live your life, as normal as you did before is WHO WE ARE.

Servicing Brooklyn for over 8 Years

10,000+ Pet Visits and Walkies Made.

Here at WoofMeow, we believe your pets aren’t just accessories to your life, they are actually a big part of who you are and as you want to keep yourself happy and healthy, we also believe your pets deserve to happy and healthy too.
Book requests, be in constant communication with your PetCare Specialist, Receive photos, a Visit report card at the end of each service and a GPS location stamp (depending on the type of service). This way you know your fur baby is doing well.
Meet & Greets are free!
A meet and greet is where you, the PetCare Specialist and your furry friend get a few moments to meet. Please let your PetCare Specialist know during this time about your pet’s behaviors, likes/dislikes, hiding places, etc. Anything they would need to know in order to make your furry friend happy!

If you are not comfortable with meeting in person, you can now request Virtual Meet & Greets!

Plus, once you have chosen your PetCare Specialist they will always be your Specialist!

We also have back up sitters if necessary.

We guarantee the health and safety of your pet. Our small team of animal lovers allows us to provide genuine care with a personal touch and to bond with our clients and each individual animal we care for.
Staff learn proper handling, signs, and symptoms of illness, dog expressions, and body language. Our staff spends time interacting with and monitoring the pets to ensure their safety and happiness while they are with us.

12 years of experience

Member of Pet Sitters International

Certified covid safety

Compassionate and passionate

Pet first aid certified

Certified groomer

Meet the Team

Meet Our Team

The pet care industry has boomed and as PetCare Specialists, our #1 priority is to ensure the health and safety of your pets.

By providing confidence for you to continue to enjoy your life while still owning a dog or a cat and not having to worry about not giving enough attention to them while you are working from home, at your job or simply needing to go away and take a break from your hectic life.



Owner / Lead Pet Care Specialist

Welcome to a new experience in petcare! My name is Myrn Perez. I am a native New Yorker from Hell’s Kitchen / Manhattan. I have always had a passion for pets and decided to turn my love for animals and helping others into a business and in 2014 WoofMeow was born!

Being a pet parent myself has opened my eyes to how important having quality pet care is whether you’re working long hours, on zoom calls all day, or out of town. I’ve experienced the non-responsive hobby pet sitters, like Wag & Rover, and of course the worry that goes along with wondering if your pet is truly okay in another’s care. After experiencing so much uncertainty while away, I knew that I needed to transform this space and provide peace of mind to not only myself, but the plenty of other families in Brooklyn, who were undoubtedly experiencing the same things. From the outside looking in, many may think it’s just dog walks and the expected feeding or two, but my team and I know that for the families we serve it’s so much more!



Pet Care Specialist

Hello, my name is Brianna and I’m a Pet Care Specialist with WoofMeow, a professional pet sitting business that prides itself on providing peace of mind to Fur Baby owners! I’ve had a strong love for animals since I was little and always said I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. Although I didn’t end up going to school to become a vet, I still feel called to care for animals, and caring for your furry family members as a Pet Care Specialist is the perfect way to do just that!

Whether it’s playing fetch with your pup, keeping your cat company, or just dropping in to feed your guinea pigs, I will treat your pets with the same love and compassion I give to my own. Growing up with a wild and crazy pup, I understand each animal has their own unique personality, so I’m more than happy to adjust to their needs in order to make them (and you) as comfortable as possible. I look forward to meeting you and showering your fur babies with all the love!



Pet Care Specialist

Hi! My name is Angell Serrano and I am absolutely obsessed with animals. I love working with them all the time. Pets are such funny creatures, always ready to make you smile. I have been around animals since I was a little girl and grew accustomed to having them a part of my daily life. Actually taking care of animals is the best part because all they want is love & who are we to deny them the love and care they deserve! I, myself, have both a dog and a cat who are just my absolute world! So attached to the hip that they sleep with me every night and follow me around the house. I hope to get to know your little fur babies soon!