Dog Walking

With consistent dog walking, your pup stays active which helps with their mental and heart health.

Also, by the time your day is over, they are calm and ready for loving from you, their furless pawrent.

Dog Walking

Your busy schedule doesn’t need to hinder your dog’s exercise routine or cause chaos at home. Meeting your pup’s daily exercise requirements will help avoid the restlessness they have while you work from home and avoid torn up items in your home if you do have to go into the office.

As dog loving professionals, we serve the special needs of each individual dog. Most dogs enjoy socializing and thrive more with smaller pack walks. Have a puppy afraid of the busy city streets? Pack walks help build your pup’s confidence seeing other dog’s be confident too!

Our dog walks vary in length, depending on your preference.

We offer pack walks and private solo walks.

We DO NOT walk in large packs. We believe any pack walks with 5+ pups is a disservice because your pup does not get the detailed attention they deserve!

We walk in small groups of 2 – 4. We match your pup to the right group with our time-tested introduction system ensuring the walking buddies are compatible for a safe and fun walk!.

With our app, we provide real-time updates, GPS tracking of dog walks.

Once services are complete, you are automatically sent a visit report card, along with a message from us on how the walks/visits went, photos of your furry friend, and a checklist of what items were completed during the session.

Plus, at the end of the walk, we always make sure there is fresh water and we are happy to put some food down, administer medication upon request (small fee), leave a light on, wipe down paws, etc.

Let us know how to make your pup happy!

Our Dog Walking Services are perfect for…

New York City & Brooklyn Commuters

Long work hours or shift work

Zoom Warriors

Frequent Business Travelers

Benefits of Our Dog Walking Services

Take a break from the crate

Take a break from the crate

Feeling guilty about leaving your dog in a crate all day? Daily dog walks give that much-needed exercise.

Train proper leash etiquette

Train proper leash etiquette

Our dog walkers reinforce leash etiquette so they can continue to work on their leash manners.

Socialize your pups

Dogs require daily socialization and stimulation for mental and social development.

You need a Reliable dog walker

You need a Reliable dog walker

Trust a professional dog walker with a passion for animals to care for your dog and promote health and wellness.